A wide range of tiles, to suit all of your requirements

Ceramic Tiling

Most common style of tiling. Hard glaze finish to give it a strong texture. Ensures cleanliness – easy to clean. Prevents the development of germs and fungi. They are very durable and easy to maintain.


Very beautiful, shiny finish. Gives a strong aura of richness. Green friendly – bio-degradable product. Very durable and long-lasting. Extremely versatile.

Wet Rooms

Stylish and creates contemporary atmosphere. Increases the value of property. Saves a huge amount of space. Easier to clean and maintain. Better floor protection from water.

Conservatory Tiling

Open to the outside element. Easier to clean and keep cleaner. Bring a clean, refreshing open space. Heat resistant, perfect for sunny days. Glazed to take on a shiny finish.

Porcelain Tiling

Very strong – equal to natural stone. Highly resistant to wear-and-tear. Waterproof and frost-resistant. Prevents most forms of bacteria. Glazed to take on a shiny finish.

Slate Tiling

Slate tiles are very durable. They require little maintenance. Slate tiles are heat resistant. They do not easily stain or scratch. Slate tiles are slip resistant.

Limestone Tiling

High quality and very durable. Provides a modern day & classic look. Available in a wide range of colours. It can be used in many variations of rooms. Very little maintenance required.


Makes your room look larger. Produces an elegant appearance. Add warmth and interest to the room. Open for creative styling of the walls/floors. A very versatile material.

Uncoupling Membranes

Allows for in-plane movement. Eliminates the major cause of cracking. Provides reliable waterproofing. Manages moisture beneath the tile covering. Can support tremendous loads.

Under Floor Heating

Makes your house more energy efficient. Provides even heat distribution. Saves on heating bills & co2 emissions. Heating hidden below the floor, out of sight. Reduces the moisture content in the home.